Sunday, July 22, 2012

Alan Adler's AeroPress Calculations

Alan Adler's AeroPress Calculations:

> Hi All, Someone asked, “How Many AeroPress Scoops to the pound?” The answer is about 38. Here is some coffee math that I posted on the coffeegeek forum about a month ago: A level AeroPress scoop of beans or grind weighs approximately 12 grams (sometimes a bit less). Over the past four decades, several coffee researchers, including Ted Lingle of the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association) have found that the best flavor results when coffee is extracted at a rate of 20% and diluted to a strength of 1.25% coffee in water. When you use the AeroPress as directed with fine drip grind and 175F water filled to the top of the 2 oval, you get 20% extraction. Following these recommended guidelines for two scoops (24 grams of coffee) we get: 20% extraction = 0.2*24 = 4.8 grams of coffee extracted from the grind. 1.25% brew strength: 1/.0125 = 80 grams of diluted brew per gram of extracted coffee. 80*4.8 = 384 total grams of brew, or 13.5 ounces. However, you don’t get to drink all of that because with all brewing methods some of your brew is trapped in the damp grounds. That reduces the drinkable brew to about the volume of an average 10-ounce coffee mug. The lower bitterness and acidity of the Aero lead many users to prefer a richer brew than the SCAA standard of 1.25%. So if your two scoops of coffee are diluted to an 8 ounce Americano, you’ll probably like it even more. Best regards, Alan.

Nerdy coffee stuff for future reference.

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