Sunday, July 22, 2012

lovagemetender: Dag Hammarskjold Greenmarket, Wednesday July...

cranberry beans

fresh shallots

japanese eggplant


fairytale eggplanbt

purple and white eggplant

pasilla and hungarian hot wax peppers


Dag Hammarskjold Greenmarket, Wednesday July 18.  In one day we went from near 100 degree temperatures to total downpour.  Standing under the tent we were soaked by rain that seemed to be coming at us sideways.  We couldn’t even see to the end of the block.  Despite the drought (somewhat eased by today’s rain) I’m totally thrilled to be in the thick of our summer season.  The peppers are particularly spicy because of the heat - pasillas and hungarian hot wax, frying peppers, jalapenos and serranos.  We seem to be overflowing with eggplant - purple, white and rosa bianca, fairytale and japanese.  The tomatoes are just beginning to come in, so I’m sticking to sun golds for now.  And the first of the shelling beans - I think tomorrow I’ll make some cranberry beans with bacon and sage.  With a little more rain and a touch of luck we’ll have watermelons before too long.

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