Monday, August 29, 2005

Case Presentation of Terrorism with Chemical Agent on Medscape

A case presentation from Medscape (registration required):

On a cold Saturday evening in winter, a pregnant woman wearing an overcoat buys a ticket at a large metropolitan multiplex for the second night of a highly anticipated movie featuring the newly introduced OlfacTree™ technology for allowing moviegoers "the ultimate scents of realism" by experiencing odors relating to the film. The film has also generated enormous controversy (and corresponding ticket sales) by its moments of sudden and graphic terror, and in fact two moviegoers in separate cities collapsed from apparent myocardial infarctions during a particularly gruesome and unexpected scene on the opening night.

The woman enters the large theater in plenty of time to take a seat in the middle of the room. She takes off her overcoat and places it underneath her seat. Eventually, the theater is packed. Near the middle of the showing, a few minutes before a scary scene set in a dim herbal shop, she excuses herself and walks to a women's rest room, leaving her overcoat underneath her seat. In the rest room, she pulls a canister from a package under her bulky sweater, forming the bulge that had made her look pregnant, and hides it just inside an inconspicuous but crucial ventilation duct that she had investigated on previous visits to the multiplex. After exiting the building through the crowded lobby, she walks out to her van and sends a radio signal to the canister in the vent and to a second canister hidden under her overcoat in the packed theater but connected to a hose and a nozzle slightly protruding from a buttonhole in the overcoat. She then drives away without attracting attention.

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