Monday, August 1, 2005

Faster DNA Sequencing

Via FuturePundit and Pharmalive:
454 Life Sciences Corporation, a majority-owned subsidiary of CuraGen Corporation , today announced the publication of a new genome sequencing technique 100 times faster than previous technologies. This is the first new technology for genome sequencing to be developed and commercialized since Sanger-based DNA sequencing. 454's proprietary technology is described in the paper "Genome sequencing in microfabricated high-density picoliter reactors," in the July 31, 2005, online issue of Nature, with the print edition of the paper to follow later in the year. The technique was demonstrated by repeatedly sequencing the bacterial genome Mycoplasma genitalium in four hours, with up to and exceeding 99.99% accuracy. With a 100-fold increase in throughput over current sequencing technology, 454 Life Sciences' instrument system opens up new uses for sequencing, including personalized medicine and diagnostics, oncology research, understanding third world diseases, and providing fast responses to bioterrorism threats and diagnostics...
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