Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Tandem Heart

I recently saw a patient who had a percutaneous left ventricular assist device placed called a Tandem Heart. A catheter is threaded from the femoral vein into the left atrium (via interatrial puncture) and oxygenated blood is withdrawn and returned to the femoral artery. The official web site is here. A Google Scholar search is here. A large animation file (47 MB) is here. A smaller shockwave animation is here. From a paper in Circulation:
A newly developed VAD can be rapidly deployed in the catheterization laboratory setting. This device provides up to 4.0 L/min of assisted cardiac output, which may aid to revert cardiogenic shock. The left ventricle is unloaded by diverting blood from the left atrium to the systemic circulation, making recovery more likely after an ischemic event. The influence of this device on long-term prognosis warrants further investigation.
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Anonymous said...

aren't there also LVADs that are more established and have had larger clinical trials that this Tandem Heart device. What is the safety profile of this device compared to others? How would you go about selecting a VAD for your patient or your own parent

Anonymous said...

Aren't there other VADs available that demonstrate a better safety profile and have more clinical trial data? How would you go about chosing a VAD for your patient or your own parent?