Sunday, August 28, 2005

One Patient's Visit to a Nephrologist

From the Blog of Leonid Mamchenkov:
I was surprised to see that there was no equipment in Dr.Avraam’s office what-so-ever. Not even a computer. No scanning devices. No testers nothing. He checked Maxim with his hands, looked all over him and said “It doesn’t look like anything serious.”. He said that it is probably an easy case of ectopic kidney. I was eased on one hand, but suspecious on the other. He added than “But you’ll have to make some more tests.” He made us an appointment for strghchojdzojdhzl-scopy in the 20s days of August. He said that this strghchojdzojdhzl-scopy test will show the exact positions of Maxim’s kidneys and how serious the whole situation is. Because of his poor English I didn’t understand the nature of the test. The only thing that I got was that it will happen in the Nuclear Medicine Laboratory. Sounds scary.
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