Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Spam for Generic Erythropoetin

I received the following spam about generic erythropoetin. I'm reprinting it for interest. This is *not* an endorsement.

Erythropetin patent is expiring in Europe in 2005.Amgen became the largest Biotech company with a single product-Epogen, and later Neupogen G-CSF.

If you missed the opportunity to purchase Amgen stock in 1985,now you have the opportunity to buy shares of a Biotech Company that manufactures generic recombinant Erythropoetin-EPO.The company that will benefit the most from EPO patent expiration is the one with the least expensive production cost.

DRAGON PHARMACEUTICAL with headquarters in Vancouver-Canada manufactures Recombinant Erythropoetin in China.

Currently it is selling EPO in Patent non protected countries (China,India,Brazil,Peru,Ecuador,Egypt and Eastern Europe)

Major increase in revenues and stock appreciation is expected with Erythropoetin Patent expiration in 2005 in Western Europe, Japan, Australia and New Zeland . After 2005, the generic Erythropoetin will not be restricted by any existing patents and will be eligible for marketing worldwide excluding North America(Expires in 2010)

Dragon also has generic Neupogen .G-CSF Patent expiration in western Europe is expected in year 2006.

Medical professionals have the advantage of knowing how widely Erythropoetin is being used and how essential it is for treatment of Anemia.Use your medical knowledge to your advantage to invest .Look for medical companies that are not discovered yet by Wall street analysts because when you find a winner the results can be spectacular.You may not know the latest technology breakthrough but you know what Erythropoetin means for Anemia of Kidney Disease,AIDS etc...
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