Sunday, November 13, 2005

EKGuard: Cardiologists Remotely Evaluate Your Home Electrocardiogram Anytime

Just saw this commercial. From MedGadget:
Do you know how to make a medicine intern drool? Talk about decreasing the number of chest pain admissions. Now, some wealthy patients can have an EKG at home, and discuss it with a cardiologist, before deciding to head in to the hospital.
EKGuard apparently uses a handheld modified 12-lead EKG device that connects to the phone. From the website:
Ever feel a slight pain or squeezing in your chest? Ever feel an ache in your arm or jaw that just didn’t seem right? Is it a heart attack? Or, is it simply indigestion?

Over 1.1 million of us will suffer a heart attack this year, but many won’t realize it until too late. Symptoms can be ambiguous, intermittent, even mild. (And who’s eager to take a potentially unnecessary trip to the E.R.?) But, the clock is ticking and indecision can be deadly. Irreversible heart damage begins at two hours and death rates double.

Now, with E.K.Guard, there's no need to delay. Check your heart over the telephone, from any location, at any time 24/7.
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Anonymous said...

But can it do right sided leads so that I can tell the patient NOT to take a nitro...