Saturday, June 16, 2007

Dialysis as "Spinning"

My doctor-friends down South refer to dialysis as "Spinning." It's very natural to them. To me and to others up North, it still sounds bizarre.


Anonymous said...

The term spinning probably refers to the rotating wheels that pump blood from the patient, through the dialysis filter and back to the body.

It also may refer to the fact that the blood is "going out for as spin" as one would go out for a spin in a car.

Unknown said...

As one of your doctor friends "down South" I should point out I learned the term "spinning" in upstate New York, at the medical school you and I both attended.

Test said...

Fascinating. My theory was that "spinning" was more of a Southern term, but I might be wrong. If anyone else hears this term used commonly, please common with the hospital/location where it's used. Thanks.