Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Will Google Buy Apple?

Yes, argues this month's New Yorker Magazine.

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Anonymous said...

Fascinating article.

I am excited about the iPhone. I think it is another Jobs home run. But as with the iPod, it will have a kiddie pool phase (iTunes preWindows) with one carrier. I suspect the 5 year AT&T exclusive contract will change before that time and/or apple will have a laptop/moble broadband convergence.

As we have sprint repeaters throughout our hospital I have to wait for iPhone 2.0 or a hefty raise.

Regarding Google and Apple. Google will think it is buying Apple, but the inverse will be the case after all is said in done. Just like the INA/Connecticut General Merger into CIGNA...they merged, INA execs left for Bermuda and just this year bought the Property and Casualty business (essentially INA) back from CIGNA.