Sunday, December 11, 2005

Coca-Cola Blak -- Coca-Cola with Coffee

From The Coca-Cola Website:
The Coca-Cola Company today announced that it will launch Coca-Cola Blāk in January in France, the first of several countries – including the United States - that are expected to introduce the new Coca-Cola and coffee fusion in 2006.

Coca-Cola Blāk is an invigorating and stimulating blend that has a perfect balance of the effervescent taste sensation of Coca-Cola and natural flavors, with real coffee. The lightly carbonated, mid-calorie beverage, which is designed to appeal to adult consumers, is yet another example how The Coca-Cola Company reaches out to new audiences and addresses new beverage occasions.
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Anonymous said...

Lovely! Now we can mix two of the most popular caffein addictions into one drink! Think of the money we'll save! ;-)


Sid said...

sooooo, this would be bad for my bp, i suppose. but oh, how i'd love to try it!