Thursday, December 8, 2005

Doctors in Voronezh, Russia: "Idiots are more dangerous than AIDS"

Regarding the Russian blood supply HIV contamination scandal, translated from the Russian, via Regnum:
Specialists of the Voronezh Regional Administration Healthcare Department are worried by the clamor stirred by some media concerning a case of HIV infection of one of the donors in Voronezh. “We are attentively studying the publications on the subject, and we do not rule out that we have to undertake measures to especially inventive ones,” an expert from the commission to investigate the incident told REGNUM. “Some of them have come to the point of speaking about hundreds of infected people, and about nearly general infection of the whole city. Have a look at the headlines in the Internet: ‘Medications from HIV-infected blood transfused to hundreds of Voronezh residents’, ‘Doctors in Voronezh have contaminated 208 people by HIV, including an infant’… Blood from one donor can be transfused to 208 patients only by a medicine dropper! Well, one of the media has reported that ‘208 donors were in infected by AIDS in Voronezh’. Really, there is a disease more dangerous than AIDS, and it is called idiotism.”
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Anonymous said...

As a native of the "former Soviet Union", I have to agree that idiots are in fact more dangerous than HIV in a country like Russia.