Sunday, December 11, 2005

UK Patients Receiving Kidneys from Executed Chinese Prisoners

From Guardian Unlimited:
Kidney patients who need a transplant in Britain are being targeted by a medical group offering them new organs taken from executed Chinese prisoners...

The internet company makes it clear that the organs are from prisoners who are about to be executed. The prisoners apparently give their consent and are told that their families will receive money for the 'donation'.

Under the heading 'Where do kidneys come from?', the company states: 'A cadaveric kidney comes from a dead person and in the majority of cases in China, the dead people are prisoners, which allows for us to know at least two weeks ahead of time when the kidney will be ready.'
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Anonymous said...

Except from the fact that you don't know where those organs have been in the case of the average convict, the idea of execution by organ harvest is intriguing and disturbing from an ethical standpoint.