Sunday, December 4, 2005

Hilarious Journal Articles and

Scientific journal articles may be insightful, clever, and important -- and sometimes unnecessary, obvious, and dull -- but they may also be hilarious. For the last half year, I've collected over thirty examples of journal articles that are, in my opinion, exceedingly funny. Often these articles are humorous by intent -- and science is often dry, so humor is appreciated -- but sometimes the humor is unintended by the authors.

Examples of articles that have made the list include Big Bottoms Weaken Effectiveness of Injected Drugs, Honeymoon Meningitis, the Dangers of Sword Swallowing, Using Viagra Helps Protect Endangered Species, Scanning the Brains of Anxious People Saves Money, and the first in the series, Accidental Anal Intercourse: Does it Really Happen?

The full collection of articles may be found on is an online bookmarking service that allows you to easily browse links and share them with others, and it's been a useful way to organize the collection of Hilarious Journal Articles. Other topics that I've organized on include Doctor Stories, Patient Quotes of the Day, Nephrology Cases, Coffee Notes, and Avian Influenza. A complete list of categories may be found in the links section of the sidebar.

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Anonymous said...

Good idea. is fun to use, although I also use Yahoo MyWeb2.0 to save pages, just in case. You are a heavy user of and in today's GYM-dominated world who knows if the independent will be around, let's say, in 2 years... (GYM stands for Google/Yahoo/MS).

Anyway, not surprisingly I like the nephrologycases tag the best, although the other tag groups are interesting too.

I linked the nephrology cases to our selection on Clinical Cases and Images, which is still very limited.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Yahoo just bought for $ 30 mln.