Sunday, December 25, 2005

Indian Police Defend Doctor Who Removed Kidney During Appendectomy

Via The Indian Express:
Thirty-year-old Surendra Das, a rickshaw-puller, died on Friday night after remaining on dialysis for 20 days. This was after a doctor near his village in Munhar allegedly took out his lone kidney while removing his appendix.

Police, however, say Dr R P Gupta did it unknowingly...
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Interesting story.

As a urologist, removing the wrong kidney is probably my biggest fear. Ive actually had several nightmares where I had done this, but always awoke from them to realize it was just a bad dream.

In India it seems that doctors do not have the same concerns about liability.

On another note, the chance of taking out a kidney in trying to do an appendectomy is about as close to 0 as anything in surgery. Even with strange anatomy such as a pelvic kidney, Im not sure if this is possible.