Friday, December 16, 2005

Flickr: Kerry McLean, 225-horsepower gasoline-powered monowheel

"Today's Maker from our new book Makers - Kerry McLean, Wall Lake, Michigan. 225-horsepower gasoline-powered monowheel. "You may be hauling ass, but you feel like you're floating," says McLean. The metal fabricator and machinist built his first monowheel in 1970 and has been obsessively perfecting the design ever since. "I don't feel like anyone has seen it through," he says. "You hear words like 'trial and error.' That's just some hillbilly stuff. Broomsticks and baling wire. I'm doing R&D." Makers: page 20. View photo! See previous Makers of the day here. View sample PDF. Click here to get Makers the book before the holidays!"

From Flickr. Uploaded by pt on 15 Dec '05, 1.28am PST.


Anonymous said...

How do you change the tire?

Anonymous said...

I think this was seen in Revenge of the Sith